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Donald Trump Jokes

Shortly after the construction of the twin-towered Time Warner Center in Manhattan (home to twenty million dollar condos featuring, its owners claimed, the "most commanding view of any residences overlooking Central Park"), Donald Trump had banners hung from his own World Tower, a neighboring building to the north.

Trump's message? "Your views aren't so great, are they? We have the real Central Park views and address! Best Wishes, The Donald."

From the March 1990 Playboy interview with Donald Trump:

Playboy: How is your marriage?

Trump: Just fine. Ivana is a very kind and good woman. I also think she has the instincts and drive of a good manager. She's focused and she's a perfectionist.

Playboy: And as a wife, not a manager?

Trump: I never comment on romance.... She's a great mother, a good woman who does a good job.

Playboy: What is marriage to you? Is it monogamous?

Trump: I don't have to answer that. I never speak about my wife--which is one of the advantages of not being a politician. My marriage is and should be a personal thing.

Overheard at a party:

The bookmakers are taking bets on who Donald Trump will marry next (a serious remark).

Odds are: Marla Maples 34 to 1, Elizabeth Taylor 5000 to 1, etc. etc., and Boy George 65000 to 1.

Someone else who overheard suggested that The Donald would place a large bet on Boy George and marry him to collect.

Donald Trump: Friar's Club Roast

On October 15, 2004, shortly before his wedding to model Melania Knauss, Donald Trump was roasted at the Friar's Club's 100th anniversary bash in New York City. Regis Philbin led a panel of friends in razzing the Donald, among them comedian Susie Essman. "I know what Melania sees in you," she joked. "A billion dollars and high cholesterol!"