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Used Condoms

Who said there aren't perfectly good uses for used condoms? I can give you at least 50 that are sure to be great examples...

Bicycle handle grips.

French tickler animals.

Shower caps for people with tiny heads.

Put one on a light bulb for mood lighting.

Fill one with helium and tie a note to it.

Get 1000 and make a submarine.

Put one over the showerhead to surprise Dad.

Put 'em on your cat's feet to keep it from climbing the curtains.

Blow a bunch up and tie them to the cars outside a wedding.

Put one on your nose and be Bobo the clown.

Water wings for those non-swimmers.

Use 500 of them to spell out "We Want Women!!" on your house.

Jello molds.

Finger puppets.

A wind sock.

Use as a bobber when fishing.

Put them on soda cans to keep the fizz in when you're not drinking it.

Practical joke: Put one on an exhaust pipe.


Recycle as a Burger King ketchup baggie. (or would mayonnaise be better?)

Small animal muzzle.

Put them on your fingers & play proctologist.

Put them on your toes to make swim fins.

Draw eyeballs on them and make funny glasses.

Automatic door closing devices.

Have 'water' balloon fights.

Glue a bunch together and use to replace silicon breast implants.

Freeze them for an all- natural Popsicle.

Glue several together and sell as a "Stretch Man" toy.

Use for a Xmas stocking for those times when coal doesn't tell 'em just
how bad they screwed up this year.

Ear/nose plugs.

Use 365 of them to make into a tire, and call it a "Good Year".

Replace those old "Dr. Scholls" shoe cushions.

Feed them to your pet iguana, Clyde.

Paint scales on them & put them in a fish tank.

"I challenge you to a duel!"

Drain plugs.

Put them in with your tax return.

Go see "Saturday Night Fever" and throw them at the screen.

Punching bags.

Hang them on the blades of a ceiling fan.

Send 50 of them to your ex-girlfriend.

Novelty key rings.

Hang them all around your windshield and be a Chicano.

Spell "Happy Birthday" on a cake.

Break out your paints and make wax fruit.

Put them on your nipples and try to swing them in opposite directions.

Make a "water" bed.

Put your money in one. Nobody will steal it!

Stick one on the bridge of your nose and run around saying "Gobble Gobble".